Why? Because our firm has worked on some of the largest, most sophisticated commercial properties across the country. With over 10,0 00 engineered cost segregation reports completed to date, we have generated billions of tax dollar benefits to businesses just like yours. CPA's and business owners alike trust and recommend our brand nationally.

With an "in-house" team of Specialized Construction Tax Engineers, we offer the most tax savings allowed by the IRS. The outcome is simple, maximum tax savings = maximum Cash Flow to you and your business!

Find out today just how much you could save by requesting a complimentary cost segregation feasibility analysis. It may just be the best 10 minute investment you ever made.

ELB provides a Quality Assurance Guarantee to each and every one of our reports. If challenged, we will defend our studies at no cost to you. As the experts in the industry, the IRS often asks us to review competitors' reports for accuracy.

ELB Consulting Solutions

Getting Started Starting a cost segregation study is easier than most people think. Provide us with a tax asset detail and address of the property you want studied and we will provide you with a free estimate of tax benefits.

"As a practical matter, cost segregation studies should be applied by the taxpayers." – Internal Revenue Service, US Department of the Treasury IRS Website Link: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-wd/9921045.pdf

Benefits of Cost Segregation:

ELB Consulting performs a detailed analysis of your commercial property for the purpose of identifying all of the construction related expenses that can be depreciated over 5, 7 and 15 years.

The result of our study is the accelerated depreciation of these deductions reducing your tax liability and increasing your cash flow by combining the expertise of ELB Consulting's staff who are all experienced in cost and construction estimating, tax codes and IRS documentation.

Material reductions

in your federal and state tax liabilities for the year of the study and the next decade, typically hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Detailed Breakdown

of the many components that comprise your building which will make repair, remodeling and replacement of the same less costly and more beneficial to you.

Generates Immediate Increase

in cash flow through accelerated depreciation deductions by reducing Federal and State income tax.

Enables Property Owner To

correct misclassified assets and the opportunity to claim, "catch up" in the current year.

Demolition & Rehabilitation

A cost segregation study will identify the components of a building, which can be classified as personal property versus real property for write-off versus capitalization prior to demolition & rehabilitation. This allows the property owners to write off these items opposed to capitalizing the assets. This can generate substantial tax benefits.

Bridges The Gap

between engineering, construction and accounting systems.

Reasons Benefits Are Often Overlooked:

Commercial Property Owners are not aware of the magnitude or importance of the potential benefits.

All Components Of

"real estate" are assumed to be "real property" for Federal tax purposes.

Complexity of the tax law requires familiarity with numerous IRS sections, regulations, revenue rulings and case law.

CPA's & The Property Owner

are unable to extract the necessary detail from contractor invoices and payment applications, or the property is purchased well after the building has been built and the necessary information is not available.


  • "I want to thank ELB for helping us with a FEACSA study on our retail assets. The benefit to our company, as a result, have been astounding."Michael T., Timber Development Group

  • "Last year, we had FEACSA studies done at three of our schools. The studies produced immediate cash flow benefits that far surpassed our original estimates. Money we had originally allotted for our taxes could instead be put to other good uses."Ladybird Enterprises, Inc.

  • "ELB Consulting FEACSA study discovered over $395,000 in adjusted cash flow and benefits for my car wash property. I was so impressed with how it worked, I am getting the study done on two more of my car wash/retail stores."Salim P., Chancellor Holdings

"ELB was a Godsend! We are glad that we found out about them when we did! Their motto should be…Keep more of what you earn today, who knows what the future holds." - Airport Fuel Enterprises, Inc. — Ray and Cal